Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I can't get this woman out of my mind who I saw on TV... it was a news report about the Indiana law and this young woman... maybe mid-20s... worked in a pizza place and she is filmed saying in her really dumb way that if someone wanted pizza for a gay wedding she couldn't sell them the pizza. Her look, her tone, her words were all such a throwback to the 1950s and I could just imagine her saying the same thing about African Americans. No pizza for them! She stuck in my head because she was so pitiful, really, and if you asked her one probing question about why no pizza for gay weddings I know she couldn't articulate an answer.

Although I really grow impatient with people with their noses in their smartphones, I really enjoy when they capture something on film as "proof." The most recent case is a NYPD detective just whaling against an Uber driver who had the audacity to toot his horn at the cop. The passenger filmed the whole thing -- it's abusive, angry and wholly unnecessary. He even makes fun of the driver's foreign accent. I just love that there's proof.

But now some of the cop's colleagues are coming to his defense, saying he is under great pressure because that day he had come from the hospital where a friend had suffered a heart attack. To me, that's no excuse.

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Amy Laboda said...

There is no excuse for a public servant (and police are that--just ask them) to treat the public that way. Period.