Thursday, April 23, 2015

Miscellany for Thursday

Tareyn, my gardener, called to say she will be here at noon tomorrow. Can't wait to see what she does.

My new obssession is following "NYC Alerts" on Twitter. A little story in 140 characters such as this:

New York City Alerts @NYCityAlerts 2 hours ago
Manhattan: 2 E. 61 Street at the Pierre Hotel. Male found dead inside the hotel on scene investigating
and this:
New York City Alerts@NYCityAlerts 10 hours ago
NYC: is still searching for a Coyote in Upper west side
The coyote invasion is a big story -- it's no longer just one stray animal dazed and confused in Central Park. As it turns out, coyotes eat mice and rats so maybe that's a solution!
For these alerts, I have to learn some of the lingo and abbreviations -- the other day, the alert talked about "one green tag victim" which turned out to be a medical triage designation... green tag is the least serious. Am still wondering about MOS.
I am such a Jeopardy nerd that I am excited about Celebrity Jeopardy week which starts on Monday. No really big celebrities -- some names I didn't even know... one is Penn Gillette of Penn & Teller. I think it takes bravery to go on, celebrity or no, but I can't help think about the Saturday Night Live takeoff of Celebrity Jeopardy.
I saw that older woman from Glee on a game show -- and she was supposed to guess the word ICE and her partner was saying things like "frozen water" and "it comes in cubes" and "its water in a solid form" and she didn't get it -- kept yelling, "Pass!" Really, are you that dumb?

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