Monday, April 13, 2015

Mary's Trip to Florida

Mary took the autotrain to Florida for paddling/Go Pink and she had a good trip. I do have a desire to do a sleeping car, especially after a report like this:

I had dinner (very tasty but the fish was dry) now I'm back in my room. I asked the attendant to make up my bed while I was at dinner so I could stretch out my back and she did. It is so delightful. I stretched out completely with a bunch of pillows - extra to put under my legs. I'm watching nighttime out the windows with the train going at a good clip.  It had been very slow before.

followed by this:

I just took a shower. I figured it would be good to do it tonight when demand is low. It feels good. They provide soap and washcloths and towels and there was plenty of water although they have signs posted asking that you conserve. The water didn't get hot so it wasn't hard to conserve.  Now I'm back in bed watching out the window.

Here's her bed which was waiting for her:

This is the James River right outside of Richmond:

And now she has arrived in Sanford, Florida. More to come.

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