Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Thoughts

I had progress on two of my other procrastination items. The rehab woman called me back, told me I've have to talk to the business office and transferred me. The man was totally on my side, told me to not pay the bill, just ignore it and said it's "disgusting." Ok. I didn't argue with him. I have paid every paper bill I have received, but have not paid any "leftover" or denied bills that have only appeared on my insurance webiste under "Manage Your Claims." I have seen that some of them do just go away so I'll ignore it unless I get a paper bill in the mail.

Meanwhile the steps guy emailed me. He is Mr. Molasses in January.... OMG... he is now saying that the materials are arriving next week and he'll do the work the following week. This will make it almost two months, but at least he replied to me in a timely way.

It was mild today, but dreary, and DC was the same, but more spring like as evidenced by these photos from Mary and Fran.

Mary/s camelia

More daffodils with Mary
Fran's pansy up close

Fran's pansies on Connecticut Avenue

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Barbara said...

There's progress in Connecticut too: almost all the snow is melted.