Friday, April 17, 2015

Blessings on Barbara!

Barbara came for lunch today and she worked like a rented mule. First we had our leisurely ladies lunch from Gracies: BLT for her, chicken salad club for me... followed by Dunkin Donuts and great coffee for dessert.

Then she took on the monumental job of turning a giant cardboard box into my new loveseat. I sat and watched. (Oh wait, I did remove the plastic bags from two of the legs that screw in so I did do *something*) She got it together in the most methodical way, got rid of the box all folded and tied up in twine and took out the rest of the garbage and my recylcing.

The loveseat came with two pillows out of the same material, but we experimented with other pillows I have, including one from Michelle, which looks perfect. I can't thank Barbara enough. Between the stairs being fixed and a piece of furniture rather than a box, I feel step by step I'm getting back to normalcy. What a difference it makes... and navigating past it is no problem... Barbara had measured and we experimented and that's fine.


Mary said...

Bless your heart Barbara!!!

Fran said...

Hooray for Barbara the Loveseat Maker. A giant leap to a peaceful dwelling for Pat. Enjiy every moment. Now pass the donuts!

Melissa said...

Yay Barbara! Nothing better than good friends!!