Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tackled Three Procrastination Items

Wondering why I procrastinate sometimes, and I think it's because I predict a negative outcome which I have so say rarely happens, but I revert to that fear... so here's what I did.

Stairs Guy: Am still trying to get my stairs fixed... it's been weeks since the first contact... finally got an estimate and then a request for a 50% deposit... did that and the check has cleared for more than a week with no word from this guy... so I have contacted him again - did it in a neutral tone.

Income taxes: I had my helper hand-deliver my tax prep and documents to my accountant and that was two weeks ago, never heard anything back. I knew she had delivered them and I purposely had her do it so we didn't have the "lost in the mail" syndrome... so now I have called (after having negative fantasies about having to reconstruct the paperwork) and of course they have it, spoke to my accountant who is on top of it and said he'll be calling me soon with questions.

Got a bill for $400 from a doctor in the rehab hospital - a podiatrist who was there to see my roommate. He asked me if I wanted him to cut my toenails and I said, "not if it is going to cost me $200" which is what I got stuck paying when I was in the other rehab hospital so I'd learned my lesson or so I thought. He said, "Oh no, this is free" and so I said OK.

He literally could not have worked more than 60 seconds on me... snip, snip and that was it... but now I have an "out of network" bill for $400 which is $250 for "doctor care" and $150 for "removal of excess thick nail."

So now I've called the social worker at the hospital (my contact) and left a detailed message about this. At least it's something.

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Mary said...

That's quite a bit in one day