Friday, April 10, 2015

Things that go bump in the night

As if my multi-time trips to the bathroom during the night aren't enough, last night I had two new things that woke me up.

As my semi-asleep brain tried to identify a noise, I realized it was water dripping. My paranoia about this is based on some reality. The very first night I spent in this apartment, years ago, when I was still unpacked, worried that I was going from rent to a mortgage, I woke up to the water dripping sound and it turned out that my upstairs neighbor had caused a flood and I had water streaming into my kitchen. What a mess.

Anyway, thank God, last night, when I finally was awake-awake, I realized it was just rain. It has to be raining pretty hard for me to hear it and last night it was. Once I identified the noise, it was so cozy to be in a nice warm bed and listen to the rain and doze off again.

But not for long...

Back to sleep again when the night sentry in my brain perked up to some unidentified sound which I wondered if I were imagaining.... couldn't place it.... would go in and out of sleep until I realized it was my smoke detector chirping about a low battery. Out of bed again to fix that. No wonder I was pooped this morning.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I'm impressed that you changed the battery in the middle of the night. I probably would have just taken it out. I don't like to be awakened....