Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Memory

I've been thinking today about an Easter when I was in high school and we had company over for Easter and there were a bunch of little kids -- my brother and sister and other kids their age, but little ones, like all under 8 years or so.

The big event for the day for the children was an Easter egg hunt. Where I lived had a big field in front of my house and we were going to "hide" the eggs in this field. Well, the eggs got hidden and each kid had his or her little basket and they were all excited to be let loose to go find the Easter eggs.

But what happened is a crow came and stole one of the eggs. Crows can get really big, and this one was. Soon the crow's colleagues noticed what was going on and as the kids were gallantly trying to go for the eggs, these huge crows were flying away with them. The kids eventually were all crying and the adults were trying in vain to chase away the crows but to no avail. In retrospect it was kind of funny -- I remember the little kids tearfully looking at their parents as if to say "do something!" but therse crows were clearly not afraid of people and loved those eggs.

I do also have fond memories of having a new outfit for church... a spring coat... like a winter coat with no lining in pastels and light wool... a hat, new shoes, new white anklets, and a little purse that I never had anything to put in. My mother would give me a handkerchief to put in my purse, but I never had to use it.

Anyway, look out for those crows!


fran said...

Eeek. Crows stealing Easter eggs from children--how terrifying, a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds.
Ah but let's switch to wonderful Easter memories ...of coloring eggs(and oh that smell of vinegar), jelly beans, marshmallow chicks..... new patent leather anklet shoes and a new hat, dress and pastel-colored spring coat. Off we would go to church, which was decorated with a profusion of Lilies and hyacinths. My godfather would give me a big solid-milk chocolate easter bunny and a giant Easter basket. Remember those pretry confection eggs with an Easter diorama inside-- all bunnies and chicks and flowers? So pretty. Thanks for sparking the memories.

Mary said...

I do remember the vinegar when we were coloring eggs! And the new clothes and the purse with s tissue in it (and a nickel I believe). I loved the diorama eggs too. My church memory was getting a headache bing inside the stuffy church by I loved the music.