Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Progress

I found this great gardener on Craigslist whom I immediately liked. In her ad (well, to be honest, I thought she was a he until I met her today!) she asked for photos of the garden which I sent. We emailed back and forth and she came today to see the space firsthand. Her name is Tareyn (pronounced Tare-in) and she is just lovely.

It was funny that she was interviewing me in a very touchy feely way about my preferences in color, shape, etc. I decided I'm more of a purple/pink type... and that, for whatever reason, I don't want anything orange. She is trying to get me some jasmine which I love as it's so fragrant. I've had it a few times and the smell is just heavenly.

She talked about tracking dirt in my apartment and I told her not to worry about that -- I mean that, really -- and she said a few times "I want to respect your space" which made me think of the stairs guys and me with tears in my eyes -- not that they did anything wrong, but a number of people told me they totally understood how I felt with that intrusive energy.

But the best news is that she is coming back to do the work on Thursday. Will definitely send photos.


Melissa said...

Sounds like you found a good one! Isn't it nice to find someone to provide a service with no drama or hassle??

Pat said...

Yes, it really is, and I often say that all I want is to do the work I'm paying you for -- no more, no less and to show up when you say you are. She was supposed to be here at 3 and got here at 2;50 which was fine with me. I hope she continues to be this reliable -- she's just a gentle woman.

Barbara said...

Yeah! Why do I feel so sure you will have no tears while this gardener is at work? (I feel like buying some silly pink balloons that celebrate "It's a girl!")