Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toe Progress

It was two steps forward and one step back when I went to CityMD to get my stitches out today. First, I will say that the people were all -- from the front desk to the doctor and various staff -- above and beyond friendly and kind.

The doctor kept reiterating what a bad break this was. He also says there's an infection -- a red area but said there's no x, y or pus -- meaning that's a good thing. I didn't know the words he used but I took it to mean no gooky stuff, just redness and some warmth.

They re-x-rayed it, gave me a new prescription for antibiotics, did NOT take out the stitches, want me to go to a podiatrist on Monday (they'll make the appt) and put some kind of cream on and rebandaged it. The doctor also gave me a new shoe -- and this is the Cadillac of shoes -- makes my Cinncinnati one look like Payless Shoe! He even said he wouldn't charge me for the shoe.

On the bright side, he said that I am taking good care of my toe -- he said that 2, maybe 3 times. The other bright spot is that my blood pressure was OK.

Barbara had volunteered to go with me and I said no, but how I was wishing I'd said yes. I was not expecting to get another prescription and the walk to the drugstore, then home, seemed like climbing a mountain. I had thought my drug store delivered prescriptions, and they do, but not on weekends. So the woman at the front desk really went above and beyond when she called the drugstore to see if they'd deliver, then she called the prescription in to this tiny drugstore two doors down which I didn't even know had a pharmacy, then cancelled the first prescription. So I was able to walk two doors down and then got in a cab. I just was exhausted as I didn't expect to be at the medical place that long.

I do feel good that a doctor has looked at it. I called Mary when I got home, all sad and defeated and discouraged and I find myself full of fear of falling or getting some horrid infection and then I said that I have to stick with facts. The fact is that I am incredibly careful with steps, with walking, and the fact is that the doctor sent me home with a prescription. He did not send me to a hospital.

When I was checking in, there was a mother and teen daughter and one of the front desk people was saying to them, "No, you're going there right now. You're getting in a cab and going there now." So I know they send you directly to a hospital.

A good thing I did was bring my papers from the Cincinnati hospital with me which showed all the technical things, and the medications they gave me. All those antibiotics sound the same to me so I"m glad I had the paper.

I liked the doctor but he was my age, sort of this sort of scrappy New Yorker who kept telling me my toe is "a disaster" -- just like the paramedic said it's an "amputation" -- I just wish they could have gentler words.

But I came home, licked my wounds (OK, not literally!) called Mary and ate dinner and now am relaxing and watching TV.

Please send antibiotic/germ killing thoughts my way.


Melissa said...

Gosh darn it...... Yes, I am sending infection-killing thoughts and toe- healing thoughts your way!!! I'm glad your good sense is ruling with the "facts".

Barbara said...

Oh I so wish I was there to help, now I am sorry I didn't insist. (But I'm glad to hear you didn't literally lick your toe. Yuck!)