Saturday, November 2, 2013

Customer Service

Yesterday I had groceries delivered from Peapod. Once again, the delivery was nearly an hour past the delivery window and I had a problem with a bag of six bakery sandwich rolls, five of which were so stale as to be inedible. My free delivery is finished, and so I was charged $6.95 for a delivery fee.

I called to complain last night, and the "wait times" exceeded 10 minutes so I just called back now. The guy was calm, and I was calm and I said, "I don't think I should have to pay a delivery fee when the delivery is nearly an hour past the window."

Know what he said?

"I agree. I'll waive that."

Uh... uh... ok

Then I went on to talk about the rolls and, again he calmly said, "I'll credit your account."

He then added up the $6.95 and $2.99 and said they'd credit my card.

I was sort of chuckling at myself, thinking of the expression "take the wind out of your sails" but it really did. No arguing, no quoting company policy, no telling me I'm the first one ever to complain, no telling me what it says in the general conditions blah blah blah. No telling me it is beyond their control. blah blah blah

As usual, I believe I was asking for a reasonable solution, and it was just pleasant (for a change) to have that honored.

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Anonymous said...

So true, all we want them to so is to solve the problem as fast as they can. It was indeed an excellent customer service. Workforce Management should really give their employees empowerment for they can provide better customer service. I believe that even how bad the experience of the customer when it comes to the food the store surely will have a repeat business.