Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiviing!

I'm back from my Thanksgiving celebration at my sister's home in Long Island. Of course all my worries about the car not showing up to bring me, not showing up to take me home, finding the house right, etc were all for naught. Delightful trip both ways and zero traffic. On the way home, another guest came with me who had come out by train and was thrilled to ride back in a car.

I told him there's something so depressing about that return trip on the train -- it's dark and you're plucked from a group of happy people and you're alone and there are old newspapers on the floor and everyone looks a little sad -- so the car was a great alternative.

Now it's on with the show:

This is my niece Charlotte who is about to be 15 and is in the 9th grade and my nephew Clark who is in the 7th grade.

This is Scott, one of the guests, who, along with his wife drove down from Portland, Maine, with their new rescue puppy named Cassco (like the Bay). At first we thought the dog's name was Costco.

This is my niece Louisa who is a twin of Clark's. I didn't know until today that many people think that my sister and her husband named them Louisa and Clark after the explorers Lewis and Clark which never occurred to me. So when they say their names, they say Clark and Louisa.

This is Clark and Louisa, the twins NOT named after the explorers.

Silliness in the kitchen. The woman in the back is Scott's wife, Charry.

This is Mary's husband Scott cutting the turkey with their dog Charlie ever-so-patiently hoping that Scott dropped some turkey.
This is the dining room table. They live in a wonderful old house that they've had dated to the first half of the 1800s which was made much larger in 1934. I really do prefer old homes.

Right before we sat down to eat. We had turkey, stuffing (gluten and gluten free), carrots glazed with brown sugar and Jack Daniels, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted Brussel sprouts, corn pudding and corn bread which someone else brought. Scott (Mary's husband) was also making yeast rolls and miscalculated the rising times so there wasn't time for them. I was grateful that he isn't the host who prolongs dinner until 8 pm so we can eat the rolls! I did miss having one though.
The cernterpiece

These are the placecards which the children made and I took mine home as my Thanksgiving souvenir.



Anonymous said...

So nice. Looks like you had a wonderful time.


Mary said...

it looks so lovely. Hard to believe it's already over.

Melissa said...

How nice! So glad it turned out so nice and hassle free! You needed that!

fran said...

What a joyous day of thanks for one and all.