Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday at 10 am

Homeward bound today!

Funny bit from this morning -- I had called the front desk to get help with my luggage. I did over-rule myself and my instinct to "Oh, I can manage" -- so I called the front desk, waited 15 minutes, called again --she was like 'ho hum' and I said "I'm going to be late for a meeting" and she sprung to action -- I don't know when she was planning to send someone... Anyway, so I eventually hear a knock on my door and I yell out "I'm coming" and I hear this little voice outside the door that says "I'm the breakfast lady and I'm here to help you" -- it just struck me as funny and sweet. She was very solicitous and kept saying "Bless you dear" as I hobbled to the car.

My housekeeping lady was outside the door,literally outside sitting on a bench smoking when I left. I told her I left some stuff for her -- some little giveaways from the one meeting and a bag of jelly beans that I really didn't want -- and she took off like a shot. And came back and thanked me... so I felt I had a good team on my side.

Meanwhile, the assistant to the company lawyer came over to talk this morning and said she wished she'd known so she could have come to the hospital. She added, "And I would act normal" -- and she would. She wrote her number on a post-it note and I stuck it on the back of my insurance card. Another colleague who gave me his cellphone and his wife's cellphone number (who is a nurse at the hospital I went to) told me that the numbers are good (meaning he'll come help me) within a 500-mile range and I should call him and if I'm more than 500 miles he'll find someone to come save me... so I have lots of guardian angels on my side.


mary said...

That's comforting

Amy Laboda said...

You have those guardian angels in practically every state thanks to all your goodness over time.