Thursday, November 14, 2013

Checking in at 2:15

I've had an almost normal work day today. Went to sleep early last night (10 pm which is early for me); slept well, held off the decision to shower for the morning and I felt like it... got in the shower with no problem... bless the person who invented grab bars -- pink water started to run off my foot but after a few minutes, it was clear so that felt good. The Dr. said I could get it wet, but not submerge it. I loved having clean hair and smelling like soap.

The bandage had some blood, but it had also been on for about 15 hours so I was fine with that -- maybe this is too much detail, but the wound continues to seep a bit but it is not actively bleeding.

Left the crutches in the room because they make me feel unbalanced and I'm just uncoordinated with them. I am walking, however slowly... left my purse, computer etc in the car and had someone come out for those so I didn't have to carry and could just walk.

Walked upstairs for pizza lunch which is a long way -- not in real people sense, but in wounded person sense, it's long. I told them don't wait for me... that makes me feel as if I have to walk faster and I just want my own pace. Went to the ladies room etc so I'm doing all the walking I normally do but just at a slower pace.

People have been so kind and supportive here and I have asked for favors such as tightening my shoe (velcro straps) etc. The last pain pill I took was about 10 pm last night and haven't taken one today and I"m OK... although I have to laugh that the pain pill also takes away old lady pains in the knees etc so I have to separate what is toe pain vs what is pain I have anyway.

They work until 615 or 630 here, but I think I'm going to leave around 5.

My philosophical thought is that I know we reap what we have sown, and I know I have done many kindnesses for people, but I am struck by the kindnesses offered me --- from a genuine effort to drive me and my rental car back to NY to the wife of someone here saying she could come to my hotel room and keep me company and we could watch TV together. My take away is that we should all continue to "do something" for people like this -- even if "all" you can do is offer a kind email or offer to come over and watch TV.

So that's it for now. More to come, including photos! (No,not of my naked toe, don't worry)

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