Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Sad Story (Really)

Last night, I had a freak accident in my hotel room. I had a long day, got food on the way home, got undressed, put on a snap-front cotton bathrobe type thing and laid down on the bed to watch TV and eat. Something dropped off the foot of the bed, and I got up to pick it up. My shoes were between the beds and I somehow tripped over the shoe, didn't fall but took a few steps forward and totally mashed my big toe.

This is the sickening part... it didn't hurt, but when I bent over to see it, it was so clearly bending in a way it should have and was bleeding. After a few minutes, and scarcely believing my own eyes, I called the front desk and said I needed paramedics.

She was lovely and said she'd come open the room, to sit tight... oh she did ask me what my symptoms were and when I told her, I could hear the pause... like "Really? You need paramedics for a stubbed toe??" I hear the sirens in the distance and am just embarrassed.

They arrive, the one guy looks at my toe and says, "This is an amputation." Honest to God, he said that. So they wheel in the gurney, strap me in (barefoot and underwear-less, shoeless, coatless). I have my purse. Didn't have my phone, but later in the hospital I thought it's just as well I didn't have my phone because I was holding it together and I knew the sound of Mary's voice would make me cry.

Let me just jump to the end and say that it was not an amputation. I got a tetanus shot, two antibiotic shots, an x-ray or three (yes, it's broken), and the toenail removed. Do not wish that procedure on your worst enemy.

I was a lone wolf when they discharged me -- shoeless, coatless, etc. Took a cab back to the hotel. Stopped at a 24 hour drive thru pharmacy.

Took today off... As far as I can tell, my toe is doing OK, but it's only 24 hours ago. I was afraid to look at the bandage this morning for fear it would be dripping blood. The doctor warned me there would be blood, but it was ok this morning, kept the bandage on for 14 hours and yes it had blood, but parts didn't. I've had the new one on for five hours and it's ok, still white with some blood, but if it were really bleeding, it wouldn't last 5 hours.

My client has brought food, more bandages, etc. One guy just brought me dinner and kept saying I should call him. Told me he had been sick once out of town and someone was kind to him so he was paying back.

Anyway, please send healing white light my way in the direction of my foot. Just so you know, I did tell the doctor straight what my plans are -- to work in an office on Thursday and Friday and then to drive to NY and he was OK with that. So I'm just not thinking beyond a few hours at a time.


Mary said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this. Please take it easy and take all the help people offer. Remember, you'll make people feel good. Wish I were there...

Barbara said...

What a horrific ordeal! You have my heartfelt sympathy that you had to go through it. I hereby dispatch all my healing white light thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I recently had a badly infected big toe and had to go to the doctor. He gave me 2 needles in my toe which hurt like hell. He cut both sides of the nail off and left only the middle of the nail. He said that if I had waited much longer I would have lost the toe. I feel your pain. Feel better soon.

Lots of love and good healing vibes.....Stephanie

Melissa said...

Oh gosh! What a freaky accident! So sad for you, but glad your boys are taking good care of you! I left a v/m for you earlier ths week ... Forgetting you were gone this week. I'm in KC.. Will tell you about my painful night when you get home! Hugs and good thoughts your way!

Amy Laboda said...

Yikes! I'm hoping you have blue skies and much, much softer landings today. And I know that toenail thing hurts like the dickens. Just take the time you need (and the medicine) to let the sting out of it.