Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Good Toe Report, at Last

I had a 3:30 appt at a podiatrist that CityMD had recommended and I was dreading going based on Saturday's report. To me, my foot looked almost the same as Saturday -- maybe a 20% improvement. I think Stephanie went to this podiatrist on 86th St.  -- Dr. Teitelbaum... and he was just a really nice older man, and I liked him.

CityMD had told me on Saturday that they were going to give me my xrays to bring today and then they never did and I forgot about it and I had already decided that, having trooped to the doctor, I was not dragging myself further back to CityMD. So they did ask today for the xrays and I truthfully said they didn't give me any -- and the other front desk woman piped up "Oh I'll run over there and get them." Good idea. I figured she saw it as a trip out of the office.

So I sit in the big comfy examination chair and he comes in and asks me various questions, then looks at the toe and says the stitches are ready to come out and he took them out. You know how they won't say anything bad about another doctor, but today he told me that he saw no infection and I asked what the discoloration was that the other doctor called an infection and he said "that's just bruising."

He took the stitches out, put a bandage on, told me to start using neosporin or bacitracin and I had bought some neosporin... to change the bandage daily for two more weeks, to wear the ortho shoe for two more weeks. He said the biggest danger is if the bone got infected and he said there's no evidence of that at all.

I am supposed to go back to him in two to three weeks to be xrayed again. So I felt as if a weight had been lifted and I am happy to get the stitches out -- just a milestone. Today, in fact, is the two week anniversary of the accident although it seems like two months ago.

It is raining, nasty out and cold and I walked there -- slowly -- and walked back -- a little more slowly as my foot hurt a bit from the stitches out -- but I am happy that during tomorrow's big storm I have no place to go. I changed my Thanksgiving plans from Wednesday and Thursday to just Thursday and I have canceled the rental car and hired a car service so I will be picked up and brought home door to door and it's less than a rental car. It's a service I've used before alot. My heart goes out to all those folks stuck at airports.

Tonight I am thankful that I'm on the mend, with no infection and no more stitches.


Melissa said...

Great news!!! And very good decision to change your T-day plans and hire the car!!

Mary said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did go to Dr. Teitelbaum. I wish I could transport him down here. The first podiatrist I went to here cut my foot twice and said that he cut it because I jumped. Damned right I jumped. When he cut my foot, I jumped. I did go to another one who did a good job on an infected toe. Danny and my father went to someone else and Danny would never go back to him. I do take my father there as it is convenient.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your toe!