Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday NIght, and Almost Home

Am in my Allentown, PA, staging area. Will be home, God willing, by lunch tomorrow. In the meantime, here's the toe. Took a pain pill last night, but none today since I was driving. The changes are less blood and more purply toes, black and blue marks all over.

Also I noticed black and blue marks on my arm. The blood pressure machine was broken (really) and it took them a while to figure out that it was broken and they kept doing it over and over until I thought my arm would burst. Finally they brought in another machine.

This is in the hosptial before they did anything to it. Oh I think they had injected it three times and then left to give it time to get numb, but not numb enough. Those are the railings I squeezed as my toenail was being taken off. I need a bullet to bite

This is what I'm stylin' these days. It doesn't look that bad. but it's a gauze pad with gauze strips wrapped around it and then tape over it. The shoe is hard rubber and theres a separate piece of the shoe that goes on top (in the middle under the straps). The heel comes up high in the back and there is no give when you walk -- the sole of the shoe is hard rubber. But thank god I had a pedicure going.


Barbara said...

Hope you have a nice leisurely drive into the city tomorrow and that you and your toe get home safely.

Anonymous said...

Your pedicure looks very nice...S

Pat said...

I let my manicurist pick the color and this is the cool color of the season -- oxblood -- but I had oxblood mixed with myblood.

Mary said...

If you were 11 years old you'd think this was cool and you'd be showing all your friends. Oh wait, you're doing that here! Except for the thinking it's cool part. Too bad there's no place for people to sign.

Hope the rest of your weekend is easy.