Saturday, November 9, 2013

Left Over from Friday

Had lunch with Barbara on Friday -- our usual scrambled egg, bacon, fries lunch where we do everything but lick the plate. Of course, we have our ordering down to the last detail of my scrambled eggs soft and our "crispy" bacon and "well-done" fries. Rye toast for her; toasted bagel for me.

Riding home,
I do enjoy seeing the changes seasons through Central Park.

Traffic on Park Avenue

This is the corner of 86th $r and  Second, and you can see that the under-construction Second Avenue Subway has now moved out so that there is one lane of traffic, rather than four on Second Avenue. Those white buildings are built on the Avenue. It's a mess.

There are two identical trees across the street from my building. One has totally changed; the other hasn't at all. I mentioned this to Barbara at lunch, and she joked, "Maybe one's female and one's male." I said, "Yeah, the green one is male and refuses to change." She had interpreted it another way -- that the yellow one was male, just like male birds are more colorful.

This is the rest of the block looking fall like.

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Barbara said...

Enjoy your trip! Hope you have lovely fall weather all the way...