Friday, November 15, 2013

Off to bed

Chinese food outside of a major metropolitan area can be iffy -- so what is Chinese food like in Wadsworth, Ohio?

It's weird to call the place and talk to a suburban sounding man. However I have to say that the egg drop soup was the best I've ever had -- ordered some dumplings which were wonderful and then some egg foo young. I had to laugh as in NYC, you are not given one molecule more mustard or duck sauce than they think you deserve. Tonight, there were literal handfulls of condiments in this bag, so many that I considered bringing some home, but I countered the hoarder in me and am not going to.

So I am well fed, rested, as happy as I can be. My bandage is still white after having it on since about 730 this morning so that's good. (I accidentaly just typed "so that's god" -- ok, I'll give him/her credit for that!)

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Mary said...

Sounds like a pleasant trio in spite of everything. Maybe you'll actually have some fun tomorrow - but no skateboarding or skydiving please