Thursday, August 28, 2014

What I Read, What I'm Reading Now

Finished the book below which I didn't really enjoy that much. It takes place in England during World War I and it features a married couple where the man goes off to war and the woman stays home to manage the farm and they exchange letters, each one creating the impression that all is well when it wasn't.

And now I'm a few chapters into the Orphan Train which comes to me highly recommended by several people. This is a novel based on actual historical events where orphans were put on trains in New York and sent West where people could claim a kid and take them into their home. Of course, the children's experience differed from kind, loving homes to being treated like a servant. This is a New York Times Best Seller and it seems every "reader" I talk to asks me if I've read it.

First a bit of reality:

And here's the novel:
As a side note, the Children's Aid Society -- or where it used to be -- is about three blocks from where I live. I see the old sign embedded in the building, but I don't know what the building is used for now.

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