Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Barbara came by to return my keys tonight, and by way of apology, which was NOT necessary, she brought me a piece of cheesecake. The day she was here for dinner last week I had read that one of the top cheesecakes in New York is from a bakery two blocks from here. I either told her the wrong block, or she went to the wrong block, but no cheesecake for us last week.

But tonight, she returned to the correct block and came bearing gifts:

Here's the pretty box.

Here's how it was packaged -- the empty paper cup made it not slide around inside the box. Very clever.

The crust was crispy, not just mashed graham crackers, the filling was light and airy and the cherries tasted like cherries and not red goo as it usually does.

I'd give this cheesecake an A!


Anonymous said...

Little Red Hens used to be on 2nd Ave. between 85th & 86th Streets. Has it moved? I once brought you 2 cup cakes from there. It is a delicious bakery. If it is still in the same location, it is a very small store and usually very crowded. Looks yummy!


Pat said...

Yes, it's in the same place, but the first time B was looking for it between 86th and 87th.

Barbara said...

Mmmmmm! I'm now doubly sorry I didn't find the place the previous week so I could have had a slice too!

Amy Laboda said...

Oh that sings to me. Sure does look good.