Friday, August 29, 2014


I've been stewing all day about something Mary told me this morning. Seems as if someone has been stealing her newspaper before she can get it. How she knows it's stolen and not just undelivered is that the thief has the balls to leave the plastic bag it comes in and just leaves the bag like trash in Mary's yard. Mary is determined to catch the guy -- am glad she doesn't have a gun.

Dr. Phil always says, "What do you have to tell yourself to make this ok?" We know this thief isn't a complete idiot if he/she wants a newspaper, so it's not like someone is stealing food and you could at least tell yourself a person is hungry. I really would like to know what that person's thought process is.

I told Mary I'd keep a paper and pen by the door to write down the thief's driver's license and call the police. Mary thinks it may be a commuter who parks in her neighborhood and then takes the subway. I hope Mary catches the guy.

In the meantime, I am increasingly grateful for the video capabilities of smartphones. Saw a local news report about a Parks Dept employee who works at a certain NYC beach and is a horrid, mean guy. He runs his 4-wheeler over people's blankets, curses at people, yells at them... and finally someone filmed him and his behavior and posted it to YouTube.

The news guy interviewed people on the beach who all had had run ins with this guy -- and you know that over the years people complained and it fell on deaf ears or "yes, yes, we'll look into it but all our employees are trained to be respectful blah blah blah" -- well, here's the evidence and they could no longer deny it. He's now been suspended-- at least for this weekend, and I really do love the value of these videos to make a case.


Barbara said...

I suppose we could give the thief credit for knowing how to read and wanting to stay abreast of world events. Newspaper readership is so down these days, it's good to know somebody values it enough to steal it. And as with the hungry person, it's pretty sad if they cannot afford a newspaper. (However if it turns out that the thief is a rich jerk who is using it for the cat litter box, I take all this back.)

Anonymous said...

Have we found the newspaper thief yet? I have some kudos for one of my neighbors. Sometimes when I pick up the newspaper early in the morning, instead of being at the beginning of my driveway, it is right in front of the door. I often thought that once in a while, there must be a different delivery person with a heart. I then found out that some lovely lady picks up the paper and puts it in front of my door. It depends on who is out there first, me or her. She saves me a walk down the driveway and back. She is a lovely Haitian woman who is a few years older than me. So three cheers for my neighbor whom I have no idea where she lives.


Mary said...

I haven't found the thief yet. I'm not sure yet when the paper is delivered but I don't feel like getting up at 5:30 in the morning on a holiday weekend! I do have neighbors who when they walk by and see a paper on the public sidewalk will toss it to the steps or put it on the porch. I got lots of suggestions of how to deal with the thief when I posted on Facebook ;)