Monday, August 11, 2014

In Praise of Mary

Mary's been through a rough time and I haven't written about it, but today she had returned to the surgeon for a check up and all is incredibly well. I talked to her and when we hung up, I thought how proud I am of her. I think she has weathered this ordeal with such dignity and grace, always looking to the future. Yes, she will get to retire. Yes, she will get to South Africa. And yes, she will make me lobster macaroni and cheese, and the orange cake I sent her the recipe for during our Christmas celebrations. We will put this terrible, awful year behind us and just have fun.


Mary said...

Thank you Pat
I haven't always felt very dignified or graceful ;)
It helps to have such wonderful people caring about you.

Melissa said...

Such good new Miss Mary! You are one strong lady!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I am thinking of you. Keep up the good work.


Barbara said...

Here's a toast to wonderful Mary - glad to hear she's doing well! (Yes I am holding up a glass of red wine as I write this.)