Tuesday, August 26, 2014

God, do I love a bargain!

Whether by necessity or desire, I really do enjoy shopping for the best price. In my work, I have for years kept a spiral notebook on my desk for notes, phone numbers, etc. I saw an ad on TV for Staples where spiral notebooks were on sale for 17 cents. Marilyn was here today and I asked her to buy ten notebooks, if the price was really 17 cents.

As it was, the price was 17 cents, but the limit was six, but the clerk let her ring it up in two separate orders -- so I got 10 spiral notebooks for under two dollars, and I keep admiring the receipts!


Barbara said...

How often do you actually write in spiral notebooks these days? (I bet those ten will last you ten years!)

Melissa said...

I'm with you sista! I still use a spiral notebook too (although I could use many fewer if I wasn't such a doodler!). But you could teach me a thing or two about bargain shopping... I think I paid $2.49 for my last ones (but I like the mid-size vs the standard size :).

Pat said...

Barbara is right -- I had thought the same thing. However I am having a business meeting in my apartment in mid-September and I thought I'd give everyone a notebook so that would use five of them.