Friday, August 22, 2014

Weird, Expensive Day

When my buzzer rang today, I was surprised that my slipcover had already arrived. Got to the front door and was unable to open it as the deadbolt lock appeared broken. The lock would turn, but the door wouldn't open. I jiggled and jiggle and finally the door opened. In the meantime I had asked the delivery guy, through the door, to just leave the box.

Closed the door and tried it again with no luck. After about five minutes of jiggling, I could open the door. It worried me that I couldn't get out in case of fire and put procrastination aside and called a locksmith. I found one on line, who had wonderful Yelp reviews and was a few blocks away.

Called them, the guy shows up about 15 minutes later and he was a good guy. He told me I was right to call right away and I said I was afraid of fire and he said that the lock would only get worse and had I waited the bill could be as high at $800 since I have no-drill locks.

I liked this guy; he really did seem honest and after my Yelp discount, my pay cash discount, the bill was $210 and I have a brand new deadbolt, but still the same keys.

I was not expecting to spend $210 today and hate how cash just slips out of your hand this way but am grateful to have it to spend.

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Mary said...

At least that kind of expense gives you some peace of mind