Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weird Happenings

I don't have a name for this syndrome, but for the past few days, I felt as if I had lost something, only to find it again in a place where I knew I already looked. The last thing was the mobile hotspot that Melissa bought me that I brought to Oshkosh. I had it in my purse and when I was finishing unpacking yesterday, it wasn't there. I couldn't close my purse due to my iPad and other stuff in there, and I was pissed off that I thought it must have fallen out on the seat of the rental car.

So this morning I go into that purse, which I had done everything but EMPTY looking for this thing yesterday -- it's a black box the size of a fist... and there it was. Plain as day. Huh? I know it was not in my purse yesterday, but it must have been. This is about the fourth or fifth time this has happened recently. Stress? Something else? I don't know.

On an unrelated note, I went into an unsubbing frenzy -- again -- today. So many emails from political groups.

On another unrelated note, I was invited to a birthday party in a farm in Kentucky from someone I work with at a client. This is a man who gave me my first taste of moonshine. At first I had said no, thinking it would taste like battery acid, and he pushed me saying, "Come on, just have a taste -- when is this opportunity going to happen again?"

So I did -- and this stuff was smooooooooth -- wow, I didn't know a New York City liberal could enjoy moonshine.

Instead of calling himself a "hillbilly," which he characterizes as politically incorrect, he calls himself an Appalachian-American. Always makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

It is called aging!


Melissa said...

Love the moonshine story... You never told me that one before!

Barbara said...

It sounds to me like there are supernatural things going on there.