Sunday, August 3, 2014

Home again, Home again, jiggety-jig

Did my usual evening in Allentown where rather than pushing those last two hours I stop and have a pleasant evening and get my bag organized and clean out the car. Didn't get going until 10:30, and was home by 1. Started laundry, ordered a Gracie's BLT, sorted through some mail.

I am proud of myself for making this trip and doing what was required of me. I have to say I feel tired, but "good tired" -- it will be nice to sleep tonight.

I really enjoyed having Sirius XM radio in the car... for a while I had on the 60s station and am always surprised by the junkyard which is my mind and how lyrics I hadn't thought of in years instantly come to the surface. One song that surprised me -- and I was touched by it -- was "Abraham, Martin and John." Hadn't heard that song in years, and it is a bittersweet song.

But then there was (and I had forgotten about this) "bumble gum music" with one song that I know you all know that starts "Chewy, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy..." Did anyone actually buy that record? OK, I had to check out the lyrics -- for the life of me, I couldn't think of the group that sang this song, but just now I see it's "The Ohio Express" -- here is the beginning:

Aaaaaa, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy
Chewy, Chewy, Chewy, babe
Always got a mouthful
Of such sweet things to say
Chewy, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy
Chewy, Chewy, Chewy, babe
Chewy's full of sugar
And I love her that way
Ooh, I love to kiss her
Love to hold her
Love to miss her
Love to scold her
Love to love her
Like I do

and it goes on.

And on.

And on.

Time to reboot the laundry. It's good to be home.


MAry said...

what a great song that was. How much creativity it took to come up with those memorable lyrics.

If this ends up in my head as a song virus, you're in trouble.

Pat said...

Hey, that's why I passed it along to get it out of my head -- I think I'd rather be crooning Abraham Martin & John -- there are some good things about living alone -- no one has to listen to my singing!

Melissa said...

Congrats! And you should be proud of yourself!
The bubblegum song must not have been popular in the a South .. Or I've blocked it from my memory like so many other childhood memories:). But I do remember Abraham Martin & john!

Barbara said...

Welcome home!