Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two More for Wednesday

I don't like putting both of these together -- one gives me a headache, and one is beautiful. So first the headache one.

At this show, the regular people whose property borders the showgrounds try to monetize the show and have parking, camping, food, bars, live music, etc to make money off all the traffic. I had to return to the show early evening for a party and driving in I'm passing all the locals' efforts and then saw this sign which says "Bikini Bartenders" and all I could think of is that cliched "Really?" Really? Are you so hard up that you'll go galloping over to see some single mom trying to make some extra money by pouring beer into paper cups for the conventioneers? My upper lip is curling at the thought.

My room is about halfway down a hallway so I either come in the front door or the side door depending on where I park. When I come in the side door, this is the sight I pass. It is such a beautiful old tree. I was going to name it Fran, in honor of our resident tree hugger, but to my eye,. this is a male tree and I want to name it some farmer, Biblical name like Amos or Jebediah... any suggestions?
Doesn't this look like a jigsaw puzzle?


Mary said...

it does look like a jigsaw puzzle. I like Amos, that sounds right to me.

Barbara said...

It is a beautiful tree, in both lights. I think Fran is a good name -- it can be a male name too (and I have always liked the subtle spelling difference between Frances and Francis that signals gender).