Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sylvester, the Cat

Just interviewed someone else and this piece is half business/half life outside of business so I always ask if they have pets. This guy has a cat named Sylvester...

Yes, named after this cartoon Sylvester and he told me that this cat thinks it's a dog. Sylvester will come when called, will "go eat" when told to, will "go outside" when told to, and when he and his wife drive to their country home every weekend, Sylvester sleeps the whole way.

Is Sylvester the one who said "Suffering Succotash!"? -- I haven't seen Sylvester in a long time, but I remember sort of liking him, but I also felt sorry for the put-upon Tweetie Bird who I thought was sweet.

I was going to add an image of Tweety (note correct spelling) and found this... another one of those hokey things that did make me laugh.

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