Monday, July 8, 2013

The Joni Report

I have a good find in Joni, and I enjoyed her company and she did a great job. She is Jamaican (as was Marilyn), getting her master's degree from CUNY, in history, and doing her thesis on "The Radical Politics of Uncle Tom's Cabin." She did all my chores very carefully and well, and she is a great sheet folder, even fitted ones, and claimed she learned from Martha Stewart.

I was asking her about Craig's List and whether she had any creepy experiences or customers. She said the only bad experience she had (which turned out to be funny) is she was cleaning this couple's apartment when the woman found out the man was cheating and the woman was screaming at him nonstop, throwing things at him and he was silent. Joni just kept cleaning. At one point, the woman was hitting her husband with a broom, and Joni needed the broom and went up to the woman and said, "I need the broom" and the woman handed it to Joni. When she was finished, she went up to the couple and told them she was finished and the man said "How much do we owe you?" and he took out his wallet and paid her. She left while they resumed the fight.

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