Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Catching up Wednesday

I've been busy, and tired, but here's a brief catch up. So far all is well, all went went. I have two more events and that's it. Both are early morning breakfasts where I have to be on site at 6:45. Not my first choice.

This airplane was being towed. Af first I didn't know what it was, but then I thought it's the real airplane that will fly here that is the star of Disney's new movie Planes. This is "Dusty" the #7 airplane. The wingspan is huge and they would successfully get it through some tight spots.

Here's the cartoon version of the real airplane.

As shocking as this may be, I've only had ice cream once all week -- had to have "just drummy" which turned out to be ice cream with bits of "drumstick ice cream cone" mixed in -- peanuts, cone bits, chocolate bits -- really good.

I get these "logo cookies" for my client's customer appreciation party. The logo is on a piece of edible paper and they just look so good at a corporate party. And your customers eat your logo too!

Today Greg and I were supposed to have our annual (now 20 years??) bratfest at Mr. Cinder's. But when we got there, we both first noticed the empty parking lot and then saw a dumpster and we were both Oh noooooooooooo, oh nooooooooooo... you would have thought the world was coming to an end. We were angry and hurt and disappointed. You know how your heart is set on one thing?

Instead we went to Ardy & Ed's, an old-fashioned drive in where the girls wear roller skates. I'd say it has looked like this for since the first time I saw it -- back in 1978. In addition to my burger, I had a bottle of locally-made root beer which really was good.

I'm always on the lookout for neat giveaways, and I liked this one. I had seen people wearing them -- the pointer does move -- and then Amy introduced me to a father and two sons and the one son had a pin and I commented on it and said I wanted to get one. Well, this kid who was about 12 years old said I could have his since he had two. He was just so sweet and generous and so I took him up on his generosity. I have a fantasy of wearing this to a business meeting and making a production out of downgrading the "fun" from max to min.

More later.

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