Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Last-Minute Purchase

I am not a fan of theme parties -- well, I am if the food or decorations follows a theme, but I am not one to put on a poodle skirt and bobby socks for the rockin' 50s dance party.

Today I got an invitation to a client's Oshkosh party -- in fact, I got three of them, and a phone conversation over whether I am coming. Sufficient pressure to say yes.

Oh goodie, it's a Hawaiian theme party and we should dress accordingly. I am going bare chested with a grass skirt. That would clear the room.

I decided I better do as instructed and went to eBay and bought (ON SALE!) a Hawaiian shirt -- not really my style, but I can wear it in the summer and to the Outer Banks. It was only $29 and I get it on Tuesday.

Here it is, now I wonder if I'll get Lei'd??

Actually this shirt looks cool -- in a temperature kind of way. And it is brand new.


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice.

Barbara said...

I think this shirt would look great with a grass skirt!

Melissa said...

Looks pretty cute to me :). But I don't think you will find anyone to lay you at Oshkosh!