Thursday, July 25, 2013

Renewing Subscriptions

I don't remember how -- I think it was expiring frequent flyer miles on an airline I never fly on -- that got me started subscribing to Entertainment Weekly. I got a year's worth, then let it lapse because the renewal was so high and I didn't like it THAT much.

They kept sending it for a few months, really a long time, and then it stopped. Out of the blue, I got an offer to get 52 issues for something like $19.95 and I thought ok, that's a good price and I subscribed.

Today I get this special, super-duper offer since I'm so loved and so valued -- Renewal at $26.96 and I thought OK, I'll do that because I like the magazine. Took the paper to my computer where I noticed it's only for 26 issues and how I could do better than that.

Googled it.

Found a deal after about 15 seconds where I got 52 issues for $25. I mention this only that if you are subscribing or renewing, there are so many deals on the Internet that it's worth researching for 60 seconds. It just grates me to pay more than necessary.

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