Thursday, July 4, 2013

Milo's New Bed

Mary beat me to the punch to buy a new mattress. When I talked to her about my wantingn a new one, she said she wanted one too, but then I didn't really act on it, and she did. Her mattress was delivered today and here's the report:

Couldn't resist sending this.  The mattress and box spring are so much deeper (thicker) than my old one. I don't know if you can tell, but it's actually a little effort to get up onto it. Milo is pretty slow on the steps now so I lifted him onto the bed and then lifted him down. I went down stairs to get my phone and this is what I saw when I got back. So far, I love the bed.


Barbara said...

Not sure what Milo's problem is, but my 13-year-old A.J. was starting to get creaky hips, and he has gotten better with glucosamine supplements (they sell them in treats in the pet store. For the future, I would suggest a box or a simple chair next to the bed, so that Milo could use it as a step and have two smaller jumps instead of having to make one big one.

Mary Mc said...

I was wondering about those supplements. Thanks for the tip. I put a box there but I think I might try the chair idea.

Thanks Barbara!

Mary Mc said...

PS I moved my ladderback chair from the corner to beside the bed and it also works for me. I can sit and put on my shoes there rather than climbing up on the bed. Milo has used it at least once that I know of. Thanks for the suggestion Barbara!