Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unexplained Event

This is a little creepy as I can think of no explanation for something that just happened. I went into my upstairs bathroom and noticed that the toilet paper was unraveled. At first I thought it was just 5 or 6 extra pieces extending past the normal length, but then I saw that so much had unraveled that there was a pile on the floor.

I started to roll it back up, but then it wasn't rolling right and so I just tore it off and the wad that was in my hand was about three times more than what you'd use typically.

It looked like something a cat might do, or a kid. Even with my extreme mouse paranoia, I don't think a mouse could have done this, and besides I haven't seen one since all holes were patched in April.

The toilet paper holder unravels to a space between the toilet and the wall, so there is no way I might have stepped on it or something. There's no wind. No one else has used this bathroom for more than a week. I can't imagine there's any way I did it since there was so much paper. Even if I nudged it or something, it just wouldn't have been that much. There is no spring or anything unusual about this roll.

The whole thing is sort of creepy, and I have never had anything like this happen. Any explanations you can think of?


Mary Mc said...

is your visiting cat back?

Melissa said...

That is a little creepy! I can't think of anything that might have caused it. So strange!