Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

This is my random act of kindness where I bought a bunch of good Halloween candy (mini baby ruths, snickers and little packs of M&Ms, plus tootsie rolls and jolly rancher hard candy) and put them in plastic sandwich bags, tied off with a ribbon. I also confronted my own perfectionism by actually using red and green Christmas ribbon because it was the only ribbon I had. Put it out on the table in my building hallway when I went to meet Stephanie for dinnner.

Here's a remnant of the weekend snow. Much better than another friend of mine who just now wrote: Just a very quick email to let you know we do not have power (or heat!!) and don't expect to get it back anytime soon. We had over a foot of snow, a tree fell on the house, another over the driveway, and another took out all the electric and telephone lines on our side of the street. They have not started work on any of the downed power lines in my town. They expect maybe by the end of the week. Alas.

Here is Stephanie. She's the one on the left.

This is the dining room at Maz. There's this spider web stuff all over the walls and ceiling and they make the framed pictures crooked and put plastic bugs in the spider webs. Tonight all the waiters were in costume: a Mexican bandit, a devil, a policeman, a Mexican wrestler (I think) and some others. When the devil waiter was attendingn to the table next to us, his rear end and tail were right by me. Stephanie told me to pull his tail, and I did. I can hear you moms saying, "If Stephanie told you to jump off the Brooklyn bridge, would you?" Well, maybe. We had a great dinner... started with our wonderful slushy frozen margaritas (no salt), chips and salsa (where we "salute" Stephanie's former cardiologist by sprinkling salt), split an appetizer of nachos (individual ones, not that sloppy plate of glop that passes as nachos); split an order of shrimp fajitas and then decaf cappucino and split a piece of chocolate rapture cake.

I missed a great chance for revenge for the birthday sombrero incident. After we ordered the coffee and cake, Stephanie got up to go to the restroom.  I SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM IT WAS STEPHANIE'S BIRTHDAY!! But I didn't think of it. Would have been great payback.

Here we are leaving. The woman on the left is Maria, the owner, who dresses for the night as a witch and gives out candy to kids on the street. Those are not her teeth! Well, not her real teeth. She had some blacked out, but they looked so real that all I could think of is the dental bill to fix those up.

And this is a little girl who was helping Maria pass out candy. I saw a bunch of adorable kids. My two favorites were a little girl about a year old dressed up as Minne Mouse including a black spot on the tip of her nose and black freckles. Then I saw another little girl, maybe 18 months old as a tiny version of Little Red Riding Hood. Oh, she was just precious. As for me, I had a lovely gift from Stephanie tonight of an opal ring that is a family piece which she has now given to me to remember her by when she moves to Florida (oh dear, less than a month) on the condition that I wear it, which I will. She also brought me a salted caramel cake-something from Starbucks which I'm saving.

On the way home, I overheard a very funny one-side of the conversation from a young (early 20s) man I passed on the street who was talking on his cellphone... evidently to his pissed off girlfriend. The only line I heard was: "There's a big difference between not listening to you when you talk and me accidentally falling asleep."

He stressed the word "accidentally." Made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

We really did have a great time. I will certainly miss you and our terrific dinners!

Thanks for not doing the birthday thing. I would have had to take home the devil after you pulled off his tail.

I lOVE the pictures and a special thank you for the bag of goodies which I have just devoured!!!! Did you have any candy left in your lobby?

Happy Halloween!

Stephanie, the witch in the middle!


Melissa said...

Great pics!! Enjoyed all the stories!!!