Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday when I opened the front door to my apartment (from the inside, going out), I saw something at the doorstep. Sometimes the letter carrier will leave a small package there, but this wasn't mail. It looked like a plate of something.

I picked it up and it was a plate of chocolate chip cookies, wrapped in plastic wrap, with a little plastic ghost saying Happy Halloween. No name. I haven't eaten any of the cookies yet, but just the thought of them was a lovely gesture.

It makes me want to do an anonymous act of kindness. I'll try for one this weekend.


It is human nature, at least MY human nature, to want to get credit for doing good. As I've thought about what I might do, I regret that the person won't know it was I who did this great deed. I totally think it's more fun to do something anonymously, but I want to be patted on the head and praised. I admit it.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!

Mary Mc said...

that is inspiring...I'll try too although maybe during the week.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I will pat you on the head and say glorious words of praise on Monday....for the recipient who will never know who you are!


Barbara said...

The cookies were probably from that nice neighbor you mentioned recently... and she probably assumes you'll figure out it was her and I bet she wants a pat on the head too!