Sunday, October 9, 2011

My (so-called) Friend, Stephanie

I told you that Stephanie and I share a birthday. We ate tonight at our usual Mexican restaurant. Stephanie mentioned to the owner that it was OUR  birthday. She added that we wanted no recognition, were just mentioning it.

We had a great dinner, including this appetizer we shared called queso fundido con chorizo which is melted, globby "country cheese" wrapped in a tortilla with bits of chorizo -- then we put salsa on top of it... oh it was delicious tonight.

Anyway, we each have our entree and then decide to say what the hell, it's our birthday and so we ordered this piece of chocolate ecstacy cake, or chocalate rapture, or chocolate something good cake for dessert.

Stephanie is sitting facing the room, and I'm facing the wall. All of a sudden I realize that Stephanie is no longer listening to me and then mutters, "they are putting a candle in our cake..." then "they are lighting the candle..." then (the worst one) "they're getting the sombrero" then "they're gathering in a group." Her eyes were like saucers...

And sure enough, here comes the gaggle of Mexican waiters surrounding us, and Stephanie POINTS TO ME as if it is ONLY my birthday and not hers, and sure enough, they put the Giant Birthday Sombrero on my head and start singing. Oh my God, it was like a bad sitcom.

I know all you can do is surrender to the moment, so I sat there with the Giant Birthday Sombrero, grinning like a jackass, but thinking about the 1000 other heads who have worn this hat. So I did make a wish, blew out my candle so I have now officially had my birthday experience, complete with Giant Birthday Sombrero.

I muttered to Stephanie that if I'm ever running from the law, I will not come to her as she will clearly turn me in with one second's time in order to save herself!


Fran said...

Ok, ok we see photos of every meal you have eaten, so WHERE is a photo of you wearing the Birthday Sombero? Huh?

Pat said...

First: Stephanie has not been able to comment lately due to some glitch in either her computer or this blog. I have enabled comments in every possible way in the settings, so I don't know why she can't. However, this is her comment where she tries to defend herself. She says:

It wasn't me, it was the MARGARITA'S!!!!!!!!!!

And to answer Fran, there is no photographic evidence of my wearing the Giant Birthday Sombrero -- Stephanie did return to her senses and deleted the photo on my request. You'll just have to imagine!

Melissa said...

Herbert!!! This was so funny. Thanks for making me laugh during a grueling week (with mostly fake laughs). Three more days is all I can think!

Anonymous said...

FUN, FUN, FUN! And a good time was had by all!