Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dinner with Mary

Mary arrived around 5 pm, on Amtrak, and we sat and talked and then I had pre-ordered dinner to be delivered from this wonderful little Argentinean/Italian restaurant. It was supposed to come at 6:45, but it came at 6:15 and I ended up laughing because I kept trying to register a complaint with the delivery guy that he was early and he spoke no English so he was laughing and saying "thank you" and it was so preposterous that I ended up laughing rather than being irritated.

So this is what we had... I told Mary she had to humor me while I photographed our food:

This is spinach salad with tomatoes and goat cheese.

This is penne in a light tomato cream sauce. What I like about this is how plain it is, but so flavorful. Plus the pasta still has some spring in it, not boiled to mush like some gets.

This was delicious. It's rolled chicken breast with spinach and mushrooms inside with some kind of really delicious thin sauce. Man, was this good!

I didn't order this, so I don't know if it came with the chicken or I just got it by mistake, but it was labeled "potatoes" and it was like mashed potatoes with herbs and cheese that was then fried. It was tasty too.

We had a great evening of total relaxation, just talking, reminiscing, looking back at the good and bad parts of our lives. Gentle breeze coming in the garden door... it's a very mild night. Tomorrow I am sending Mary out to Tal Bagels in the morning while I make eggs and some other things. She is planning to leave around 2 and then I'm meeting Stephanie, who shares my birthday, at 5 for Maz Mescal. I was born at 5:28 pm so at that time I will be sipping a frozen slushy margarita and eating chips and salsa.

I got a bunch of cards. Mary brought me some chocolates and girly-girl lavender stuff which I love. Fran sent along a wonderful necklace made out of buttons so I've had quite a celebration.

Mary reminded me of her belief that in the old ladies' home, they are going to play such songs as the Doors' Break on Through to the Other Side for us. It will be odd to see us sitting in our wheel chairs pitifully clapping to Jim Morrison.

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Melissa said...

Yum yum! Wish we lived close enough that I could help celebrate! Birthday hugs anyway!