Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mary's "Glorious Impromptu Afternoon"

After meeting a woman from the Alzheimer's Association  at the Tidal Basis, Mary says:

"I started to drive off and saw a parking space so I took it. Then I walked from there along the water to the new Martin Luther King memorial - I'd guess it to be the equivalent of 5 or 6 blocks at the most. It was so beautiful and I did think to bring my camera so I'm sending you pictures along the route. It starts by the paddle boats before the little bridge across the tidal basin (isn't that where Fanny Foxe gained fame?) with the Washington Monument on the right.  

Fran and Pat, I tried to get a picture of a plane landing at National but the best I could do was a helicopter).

 I walked over the bridge, then on Independence Avenue past the newly restored (Thursday, November 10, at 11:00 am is the ceremony celebrating its completion) monument to DC residents who died in World War I (I love this little memorial),

then into the entrance of the MLK memorial.

The quotations on the wall brought tears to my eyes, especially the one I photographed. There was a big crowd there, very nice to see.  The controversies surrounding the memorial I think have merit - the miss-quote about his being the drum major is there and I think not representative, but at least the real quotations were in quote marks and the ones on his statue are not.

 The other controversy I sort of agree with is he looks angry - but I didn't see him as angry from all angles, more determined than angry. I love where it is situated - he's looking right out on the water toward the Jefferson Memorial. All in all, I think it is a beautiful tribute.


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful pictures, Mary!


Melissa said...

Thanks for the photo journey Mary!! Beautiful!