Monday, October 10, 2011

Loose Ends

1. Mary, the perfect houseguest, used her lovely white fluffy washcloth while visiting.
2. My bargain winter jacket arrived, and it's nicer than I thought it would be. Very happy with the purchase.
3. After peering leerily around the corner for a few days into my bathroom, the toilet paper ghost seems to have moved on. No more unfurling paper.
4. Just found the fresh rasberries I bought for Mary's and my brunch that got left in the refrigerator and never served. Sorry about that, Mary. I did eat the one remaining bagel -- pumpernickel -- as a sandwich for lunch.
5. So far, no head lice from the Giant Birthday Sombrero so I may have dodged that bullet.

Further comment: Mary brought me a box of fancy chocolates by Neuhaus. She and I both ate two while she was here, by the bite in half and chew/pop the whole thing in your mouth and chew method. Just had one that I wanted to prolong the eating of and so I just left it in my mouth and slurped on it a bit. This was a totally different flavor/sensory experience and I heartily endorse the melting/slurping method when it comes to chocolate.

New Business: Bumped into my new friend/neighbor coming home from dinner last night. She and her roommate had just bought two little pet turtles and had gone to Petco for turtle supplies, including a big tank. I asked the turtle names and they had not yet been decided since they were so new, but one wanted hers named Kobe and one wanted hers named Steven. They are unsure of gender. (Asked me if I knew how to tell... uh... no.) I suggested maybe they wanted a pair of names -- she had at one time suggested George for hers because the apartment complex across the street from where they bought the turtles was called George Washington so I suggested George and Martha. Then later thought Bonnie and Clyde would be good too, however there's something appealing and straight forward about a turtle named Steven.

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