Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gloomy, Dark, Dreary Thursday, but it's LUNCH OUT DAY!

I brought my lunch reading material in this bag made out of recycled garbage bags which I believe Meredith gave Mary who then loaned it to me to take stuff home with. Well, it never quite made it back to Mary, but I do use it. I'm fascinated by it since it then folds up and has a zipper, but I used it today since it was raining.
My block on this rainy Thursday.
I never tire of seeing the professional dogwalkers with their dogs grouped by size.
The dogs always remind me of children, each one trotting along in its own little world.
Second Avenue Subway mess. I hope I live long enough to get one ride on it.

I couldn't decide what to order -- one thing that intrigued me, but I couldn't figure out if it would be delicious or gross is pineapple fried rice -- a combination of sweet and savory. I do love pineapple, but I settled on wonton soup which was really good except for this dark green leaf vegetable in it that was very bitter.
Forgot to mention the name of the place. It's Fusion 88 -- 88 for the street, and fusion for Japanese, Chinese and Thai food.
Here's the view out the window -- it stopped rainig for a bit during lunch.

So I ordered two appetizers. This one is shrimp and vegetable tempura. Such a pretty plate. The orange garnish is finely cut carrots. The vegetables in the tempura were sweet potato (I think); onion and broccoli.
And this is pan-fried dumplings. Also very good. Spent more than usual this week. Along with a soda, the lunch tab was $19.10 plus tip.

More Second Avenue Subway mess.

A building on my block landscapted for fall. This was a bit of autumn cherriness on this gloomy day.


Anonymous said...

Was this on 88th & 2nd? Would you go back?

Pat said...

Yes, I think I've also ordered in from there, too. I'd say the food was an 8 on a 1 to 10. I was going to say the service was excellent, except I was the only one in there. But I've also gotten bad service when there are few people in the restaurant when they abandon you. I think I'd go back in a few weeks to try that pineapple fried rice.