Friday, February 19, 2016

One Upmanship

Mary and Michelle called me tonight to remind me that in 2017, we will celebrate 50 years of friendship!

Yes, it was 1967 at American University in Washington DC and I was 16 years old (a child prodigy!) and Mary was 18 and we were freshman and Michelle was a sophisticated sophomore.

We were assigned rooms in the dorm, and we all had different roommates, but our rooms were three in a row. Talking to Michelle tonight, I said it doesn't seem that long... but then I don't even know what 50 years is... a hell of a long time that goes by so fast.

But we will do something to celebrate in September 2017... no matter what.


Barbara said...

I know that the 50th is the gold anniversary, which made me wonder what the 35th is ... and the answer is... Coral or Jade (thanks, wikipedia)

Fran said... wonderful to have long friendships. And it just occurred to me-- 2019 will mark our 30th. We met in 1989, when I started working at the publication. Unfortunately I've never met Barbara.
Geez, and we all still like you after all these years. ;-)

Pat said...

My longest term friend dates back to kindergarten, although post-college, we had a very long period of not being in touch for no other reason than our lives just went in different connections. We got back together in 2001and it's been fantastic although her memory is unbelievable. She remembers things like who I sat next to in Earth Science in 9th grade. I don't know how she does it.

Fran said...

Friends since Kindergarten--what a treasure. My longest friendship is with Lucy, 52 years. Time passes when you are having fun.