Friday, February 19, 2016

Barbara and I Celebrate 35 Years of Friendship

Recently Barbara and I realized that this year was the 35th anniversary of our friendship. Yes, it was 35 years ago that a young (22 years old) Barbara interviewed for a job as Pat's (30 years old) assistant and we've been friends ever since. Through thick and thin. Good times and bad. The whole schmear.

As you know, we've also had lunch once a month (with only a few misses) for the past 23 years. We say now we should have written a book about our lunches. Today's February lunch was designated as our 35th anniversary, and of course, we dined from Gracie's AND Little Red Hen.

Barbara had a BLT:
And I had grilled swiss and bacon:

And we shared our well-done fries which were particularly good today:

And then, the highlight... stuff from Two Little Red Hens:

A coconut cream mini-pie for me and a chocolate cupcake for B... and she bought the candles, and I led us in song to Happy Anniversary to Us and we blew out the candles.

In honor of our anniversary I told Barbara that when she and I were working together, man, we banged it out. There was no better team than she and I in terms of production, setting up systems... we were quite a team.

Barbara was also the first person I could truly write collaboratively with. Prior to her, I was always the better writer than anyone I was working with so I always did the bulk of the work. But when Barbara and I were writing something, it was truly collaborative... so much so that we'd forget which one of us came up with the terrific sub-title or perfect description.

At the conclusion of the party, I said "Here's to 35 more years." I said "I'll be 90 and you'll be 82" so I think we'll make it. Another characteristic in our relationship is that she was always (and is still) the numbers person... she corrected my faulty arithmetic to say I'd be 100 and she'd be 92. Hmmm... don't know if I 'll make it that long so I suggested we celebrate our 36th next year for now.

I sincerely count among my blessings the wonderful friends I have, and Barbara certainly is one of them.


Mary said...

That's a lovely story

Melissa said...

Love this!