Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting Crabbier by the Minute...

I had an appointment for a guy to come here at 6 pm to sync my computer with my printer and wifi which I have been unable to do... so he's calling (big surprise) to say he's running late...will be here at 7 and I said "do you just want to come tomorrow?" and he got all excited that I was trying to postpone and I said, "here's what I don't want. I want to eat dinner. You say 7, but I see how 7 turns into 7:30 and you're late and then it's 8 and the next thing I know it's 9 and I've spent my evening waiting for you."
And that really is my experience. 
So he says something like "I'll be there as close to 7..." and then catches himself and says "I'll be there at 7" and I said "see you then" and hung up. I am so effing tired of holding up my end of the arrangement and others fa la la la at whatever is convenient for them and their schedule. 

I'm an old crabby lady!

LATER THAT SAME DAY UPDATE: The guy showed up at 6:45 and all is well, and I now have a working printer.


Melissa said...

You're not crabby... You just want and expect the same service you deliver to your clients. I know I've said to myself...or to a vendor..."if I treated my customers that way, I wouldn't have any!" Hail to the crabby ones 😝,

Barbara said...

Personally, I prefer to call myself as a squeaky wheel than an old crabby lady.