Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Lesson I Haven't Quite Learned Yet

I need to print this out and read it a few times a day until it soaks in. Dr. Weiss is best known for his work in hypnotizing people and regressing them to past lives and see which events in past lives impact the person in this life.

As I was thinking about this, it reminded me of a conversation I had with someone I used to work with. We were talking about reincarnation and he was NOT a New Age-y type person at all, but he siad he had a recurring dream of being a Civil War soldier running through the woods and he knew in the dream he had been shot in the leg, and he said he has pains in this life where he was shot. I don't know what to bellieve... of course, I believed him, but whether it is "true" or just a coincidence, I don't know.

In any event,.. here's my still-to-be-learned lesson:

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