Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mary's Half-Good, Half-Bad Day

I told Mary I was jealous after I read the first paragraph, and not so much after the second. I also said she is right: I would not have believed she got into a fight. (Michelle is visiting from Texas) Let's hope she heals fast!

She reports:

Michelle and I went to Union Market, near Gallaudet in a district of warehouses and found some great stuff. Lunch was a meat ball sandwich (Michelle) and a "porkstrami" sandwich with sauerkraut for me. We got this amazing brown butter bourbon bread pudding to go, some lovely jewelry from Columbia, some jalapeno cheese bread and some rabbit sausage.  Fran and I will have to go there soon. 

Then on the way home I dropped Michelle off to pick up sheet music at our local Cal music store and when I got out of the car I fell face first into the sidewalk.  I hav a swollen lip (I as going to say I got it in a fight but you'd never believe that), a bruised nose and a twisted wrist. At least I didn't break my glasses and I didn't lose any teeth. I think my lip will be impressive tomorrow.


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Barbara said...

Poor Mary! I hope Milo gives you lots of kisses tonight to make you feel better.