Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another Peapod Screw Up

I like the food. I like the freshness. I like the variety. I like the prices.

But Peapod, at least for me, has a delivery problem.

Today I was supposed to get my groceries between 11 am and 1 pm. They called at noon to say the driver was running late (again). I asked to be transferred to customer service because when they don't make the delivery window, I always ask for my $6.95 back. The reps were all busy and so you were given the opportunity to "press 1" and someone would call you back.

Didn't happen.

Then after 2 pm, I got a call that the driver had been to my house; no one answered my buzzer, and I said "impossible." The driver must be at the wrong address. She said he is going back to his truck and then would try again. We were still on the phone five minutes later, and I said, "He couldn't possible be taking this long to walk back to his truck."

Then my buzzer rang. I wasn't even going to ask the driver about the not answering my buzzer, but I couldn't stop myself. He said he had been "around the corner" at the wrong address.  So I got my groceries, started to unpack and put away and came upon a bag which made me go "Huh?"

This bag contained at least 15 pounds of potatoes, 4 huge yellow onions, red onions, grape tomatoes, regular tomatoes. Later I found a box of camomille tea which I didn't order. Then I realized I got no frozen items I had ordered, including my weekly allotment of one pint of Ben & Jerry's!

So I call back, now really frustrated, and I have to say the guy handled me well. He told me they couldn't pick up the food I had gotten by mistake due to health department regulations... and that my frozen food would be delivered tomorrow.

Bottom line is I got free delivery, coupon for other free delivery, another coupon for a discount and $10 off my order.

I emailed Marilyn and asked her if she wanted this food, which she did. There is enough potatoes to take me well into next year. She's going to come tomorrow to pick the stuff up.

Somewhere in NYC, someone is pissed about their potatoes. When I was talking to Fran, she wondered if the person was making potato salad for Super Bowl. Which is possible. I'm just glad the food is going to get used.

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