Thursday, February 25, 2016

Field Trip Report

Mary says:

Fran and I enjoyed our visit to President Lincoln's cottage today. It's on the grounds of the Old Soldier's Home, not far from Children's Hospital and the VA Hospital.  It's a big campus with quite a few buildings of the Home, a cemetery, and the cottage. I could easily live in the "cottage" which was originally owned by some rich person. My only complaint of the visit is that it was COLD and windy as you can see from our pictures with the statue of Lincoln.  The building to the right of the cottage was a lovely gazebo.  The house had beautiful views of the city - and the graveyard and battles during the war.
What? No gift shop? No souvenirs?

Is Abe life sized?

Fran and Abe both look annoyed... but maybe Fran is just cold.

A few hours later... Post Script --- Mary did *too* buy souvenirs -- she says one serious and one not so. I had seen the Lincoln coffee quote before and always liked it:


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