Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Night in PA

Am about two hours out of NYC... hoping to avoid all the Pope traffic tomorrow, but I am north of Philly so I am hoping it will be ok.

The great tragedy of today is that I learned to my sorrow that Taco Bell has stopped offering the Sangria Blast. Turns out it was a limited edition thing and it probably didn't do that well. I was thinking that it really is a more sophisticated taste. So my choices were Baja or Cherry. I asked what Baja is and the woman said Mountain Dew (try to make that connection!) and so I did cherry. Not as good as Sangria, tasted like those 1950s-era cherry popsicles.

And here are some other photos from today. If all goes well, I'll be home around 12-noon Sunday.

this is the drive thru hotel check in from yesterday

I really like the rest stops along route 80 in PA (as opposed to OH). The OH ones are these corporate monstrosities, huge... of course in OH, you're on the OH turnpike so it's a toll road. Route 80 in PA is free so you can get off wherever you want so the rest stops are these small buildings with just a restroom (nice, clean), vending machines...

... and a picnic area

Some of the tables are really isolated... nice place to have a picnic. I saw something sad at this one today. There was a big dog, like a labrador, and he couldn't get back into the van without help because he was so old and it was too high for him to jump... so his owner would position him in front of the open door of the van and then put his arms around and under the dog's middle and lift him... the dog would get all flustered and then would have to "catch his breath" before they attempted it again. I have to say I sympathized with that dog. I knew what he was going through... So on about the fourth attempt, he was able to get into the van. The owner was very kind and patient with him. 

The leaves are just beginning to turn.

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